God’s Chosen People
Curated by Snorri Asmundsson

Gallery Kling & bang, 2006
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Deuteronomy 32: 39-42
39. See now how that I, I am he, and that there is no God but I.
I can kill and make alive, and what I have smitten that I can heal:
neither is there that can deliver any man out of my hand.
40. For I will lift up my hand to heaven, and will say: I live ever.
41. If I whet the lightning of my sword, and mine hand take in
hand to do justice, I will shew vengeance on mine enemies and
will reward them that hate me.
42. I will make mine arrows drunken with blood, and my sword
shall eat flesh of the blood of the slain and of the captive and of
the bare head of the enemy.